Day 720: The first day towards the last day of my 9 to 5 life…hopefully.

I bet the iPod was conceived in a toilet.

Imagine Steve Jobs sitting there in an empty stall, with no noise or distractions to block his thoughts. And he’s thinking: “Man, there should be a better version of the MP3 player to take to the washroom, so I can listen to Coldplay while I do my thing…wait…how about the iPod…yeah boy…that’s the shit!” Plop. Flush.

Next thing you know, at the September 9, 2009 keynote presentation at the Apple Event, Phil Schiller announced total cumulative sales of iPods exceeded 220 million. (

Sometimes our best ideas or life changing moments of revelation come when we’re sitting on the can. Mine came today while taking my regular 30-minute washroom break at work. I’m not unloading one, mind you, I just need to get away from the crap in the office, listen to my iPod and think.

And this is the vision that came to me as I sat there with my pants around my ankles, listening to a remix Biggie Small’s “Juicy” featuring Miley Cyrus (?!!): (

–          I’m 33 years old

–          Working at a decent job at an investment firm

–          I’m never going to be rich working 9 to 5

 When am I going to stop dreaming about driving Tony Stark’s Audio R8 ( and start shopping for a R8?

 When am I going to finally get the chance to tell off my incompetent, Ann Coulter-look-a-like boss (

 When can I leave this 9-5 rat race and do my own thing, waking up whenever I want and playing NBA 2K10 wherever I want (instead of in the washroom).

 My thoughts were rudely interrupted as my co-worker, Eagle, lumbered into the washroom (I could tell it was him because I could see his fat reflection on the marbled floors), sat himself down in the next stall and promptly let one rip. The smell of fermented mixed curry and seaweed knocked me to my senses.

–          I’m coming up with a business idea

–          I’m going to be my own boss

–          I’m quitting my job in two years (720 days), or get fired trying

 I’ve read business and development blogs from web superstars such as Steve Pavlina ( so I figured it would be fun and cathartic to write about my prison break from the rat race. Hell, I’ll even take bets as to what day I’ll break out, if at all.

All I needed now was a great idea…to bad the iPod was already plopped out.

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