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Day 713: Falling off the wagon

Someone commented that 2 years is too long to plan quitting work. But I wanted to be realistic. Sure, I could quit in 1 year, a month, or even tomorrow. But wouldn’t it feel better to leave all your punk … Continue reading

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Day 715, 714: Working while working on your escape plan

I almost didn’t get a chance to write a blog today. It’s just been so busy at work. In fact, I’m writing this at 5:16pm at the office, saving it to a USB key, then posting this now at home…after … Continue reading

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Day 718, 717: Down time doesn’t mean shut down time

I was wondering if only business days should count as part of the 720 days to quit my job. And then I thought: Of course not! The clock shouldn’t stop clicking just because it’s the weekend. I’m not suggesting that … Continue reading

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Day 719: Turning Gravy into Steak

It’s easy to just say: “I want to quit working”. But then the reality of bills, mortgages, and food set in as soon as you say it. That’s why I’ve given myself 2 years, or 719 days now. The clocks … Continue reading

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