Day 719: Turning Gravy into Steak

It’s easy to just say: “I want to quit working”. But then the reality of bills, mortgages, and food set in as soon as you say it. That’s why I’ve given myself 2 years, or 719 days now.

The clocks ticking and I need an idea.

I’ve had some ideas here and there that would produce some gravy, an extra $600 or so a month. But I want sustainable gravy. Better yet, I want to turn that gravy into steak and not even have to worry about a paycheck. The closest I’ve gotten to gravy so far has been to do some freelance writing and play the “Cash for Life” lottery every time I fill up gas.

If you ask people around your office what they’d do if they could just quit their job, a lot of them will tell you they’d write a book. Everyone’s a critic and everyone’s a wannabe writer…me included. One of my first hair-brained ideas to break out of this cubicled prison was to write a best-selling book. Thankfully, actual big-time best selling author Linwood Barclay (No Time for Goodbye and his latest: Never Look Away) ( wisely talked me out of that.

Here’s Barclay explaining the moment when he was comfortable enough to leave his 9 to 5 job at the Toronto Star ( to pursue greener pastures:

“It was a very hard decision for me to leave the paper, but I only did it once the books were doing very well. I wrote four novels while still doing my column, and had my books continued to sell as those did, I never would have quit the column. But No Time for Goodbye changed things rather dramatically, becoming a bestseller around the world. Good luck with your plan. I always found that it beat working,” says Barclay.

Two key points jumped out for me:

1)      Barclay only quit his job when he was absolutely certain he was a success.

2)      He worked on his gravy while still getting paid for steak.


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