Day 713: Falling off the wagon

Someone commented that 2 years is too long to plan quitting work. But I wanted to be realistic. Sure, I could quit in 1 year, a month, or even tomorrow. But wouldn’t it feel better to leave all your punk co-workers behind knowing you are off to  better, greener (and by greener, I mean green cash) pastures? Meanwhile, they are stuck in their usual routine.

Like this one guy at work today, I’ll call him Shits (because he hangs out with another jackass, who I call Giggles – therefore Shits & Giggles).  Shits is a totally nice guy, but he’s been at this company for over 10 years, nobody knows what he does, and if you need him to do something for you, it’s like pulling teeth (no, he’s not in IT).

Today I sent him an email asking for help on a project I’m working on. Then I forwarded the email to my buddy Sounding Board that said:

Hey man, I just sent Shits this email asking for help on something. I bet you a Starbucks that he:

a) Won’t answer my email for hours

b) Comes over here and does some stupid excuse so he doesn’t have to work.

Sure enough, Shits comes over 3 hours later and puts on some song and dance routine about how he’s unable to help. I look at him with disgust (I have no poker face) and tell him: “Well, I have no use for you then. Please move along.”

These are the type of sad, predictable, life-long 9-5 characters that make me want to leave this place so bad.

And on that note, I have to admit that nothing was accomplished today towards my “Escape from the Rat Race” plan. Too busy at work, played basketball afterwards, and now here I am. I almost didn’t post a blog again. I’m quickly falling off the wagon.

That’s why I’m proud to say that I’m taking Friday off to work on developing an idea. That’s how serious I am about not falling off track.

Because if something’s gonna happen, it has to happen now:

Or else in 2 more years, I’ll end up just like Shits & Giggles.

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