Day 715, 714: Working while working on your escape plan

I almost didn’t get a chance to write a blog today. It’s just been so busy at work. In fact, I’m writing this at 5:16pm at the office, saving it to a USB key, then posting this now at home…after I came home from at charity event, did the laundry, and finished an hour of P90X workouts (the Kenbo DVD is worthless)

There simply isn’t enough time in the day to work on your side business. Ironically, my most productive hours working on my “Escape From Work Plan” is at work. The only problem is: your 9-5 office is not exactly the most ideal place for providing a creative and non-intrusive environment for developing your business…especially if you work in an open office.

For instance, the girl who sits in the desk behind me is one of those annoying co-workers that will look at your screen and comment about it. If I’m on facebook stalking an Ex’s Costa Rica vacation pics, she’ll say something like: “Oh, she’s beautiful. Is she your sister?”

Or, if I’m looking at pictures of Vietnam, she’ll look at my screen and say: “My father once owned an island in Vietnam…while he played soccer there.” Everyone in the office calls her Penelope, cause she’s exactly like the SNL character of the same name.

Then there’s my boss, Ann Coulter, who will interrupt my work flow every 10 minutes to make me do some work to make her look good.

It’s a wonder I get any professional work done, never mind gravy work. My buddy Sounding Board knows the deal. He’ll walk by my desk every now and then and ask: “Pro or Grav?” If I say Grav, he’ll say: “Oops. Sorry to interrupt dude.” If I say Pro, he’ll say: “Wanna go for a coffee break?”

Man, I can’t wait to quit work so I do start doing some real work. 714 days to go before that happens.

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2 Responses to Day 715, 714: Working while working on your escape plan

  1. nenonenoneno says:

    hi there. thanks for stopping at my blog. 🙂

    you know what, I’m about to do what you’re planning to do. but not that long. anyway why wait for 2 years? but I wish you luck with that.

    hoping to stop by more often to see your escape plan progress. nice meeting you! 🙂

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